Thursday, October 4, 2007


This is a series of Monotypes I did this year after taking a flatpattern class. I got really into the shapes of basic pattern sewing sloppers so I wanted to incorporate them into my work. To get many of the interesting shapes and textures I used such items as colored paper, pattern pieces, lace, and fabric. After I had finished running these pieces through a press I decided to try sewing directly onto many of the works with my sewing machine. I really like the look it gives and am excited to try it out again on future works.

(The size of these pieces is 11x15)

Family Monotypes

This was a series of 12 Monotypes I did based all around my family. Monotyping is a technique where ink or paint is applied to a flat surface such as a piece of plexy glass (that's what I used for these) and then put through a press in order to be printed on a piece of paper. When paint and ink is being applied to the plate you can do different things to it in order to get different effects. In the case of these works I put down fabric to get different textures and block out areas and then ran it through a press where the ink was transferred to paper. I also used colored paper in which I had copied pictures of my family on and Incorporated these pictures into my work along with sewing with my machine on each work.

Mimi at Mormon Temple

Mimi and Poppi

Easter Sunday

Peace (My Mom)

My Grandma and Grandpa Beitler

(These pieces are all 11x15)

Intaglio with Spray-paint

These are prints I have all made using a technique called intaglio. This is where groves are made into what is usually a copper plate using different processes. In these works I used copper plates on which I had placed such items as kitchen utensils, clothes pins, or pearls and lace. I then spray-painted over these items in order to get there unique Silhouette. The plate was then dipped in acid where the chemical ate away at the parts of the plate that did not have spray-paint on them. After I removed the spray paint with acetone and put ink into the groves I then put the plate through a press with damp paper that takes in the ink and the image is transferred.

Kitchen Utensils


The Dress