Monday, June 18, 2012

Three Months!

The boys didn't have a doctor's appointment this month so I don't have their stats. Instead, I thought I would write a few facts about the boys. People have been asking me if I am starting to see different personalities come through yet, and this is what I see so far.

Reece is my big guy. He has been in a bigger size than Liam for a month or so now. He started smiling at people at 6 weeks. He loves people. He loves being held and cuddled. He also likes his swing. He started teething on his 3 month birthday. He is just figuring out his hands and the poor kid is always sucking on his fingers to help with the pain.

Liam started smiling at people at 5 weeks. He started to figure out his hands a few weeks ago and loves to play with his fingers and to hold toys. He loves toys. I bought Reece a teething ring, but so far only Liam has figured it out. Besides sitting on my lap, his play mat is his favorite place to be. Even though they are both pretty good boys he is a little more laid back. He isn't as good of a napper, though, and is slower at eating–and since he's smaller he has to do it more often. 

Liam is on the left in these pictures and Reece is on the right.

Both boys have been pretty good at sleeping at night. By 1 month they were both sleeping 5 hours and now at 3 months they sleep about 8. They share a crib, but recently they have been bumping into each other and waking each other up, so we might have to separate them soon. So far they don't wake up when the other one cries–only when their brother hits them. Both Liam and Reece will get big smiles when someone comes to rescue them after a long nap. They are both entranced by their dinosaur mobile. They both like kisses and will giggle if you kiss their cheeks. They both like television even though we try to face them away from it. They will twist their heads all the way around to see what everybody's watching. They both like to see new babies, but they don't seem to be very impressed with each other anymore. They both love kicking their chubby cute legs.