Friday, December 14, 2012

Nine Months!

The boys had their nine month check up last Friday and they are two healthy boys!

height 28 inches 36th percentile
weight 21 pounds 70th percentile

height 28 1/2 inches 56th percentile
weight 22 pounds 3 ounces 86th percentile

These pictures were probably the hardest to take because they are all over now. The Nine is only in a few because they ripped and crewed it up pretty quick.

Liam left and Reece on the right... I'm bummed the order gets reversed once they are in the same crib because they were moving so much that I didn't even notice they switched. Oh well it's a pretty true example of this age. They are everywhere...

They were very interested in the 9. I had a hard time keeping them away from it. Reece was the quickest and ended up stealing it out of Liam's crib.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let's hear it for the boy!

While I was away visiting my family for a few days Ryan was putting together some of the BEST Christmas presents ever! He surprised me with them all when I got home since they are a little hard to hide until Christmas.

 We used to have to plug in our garbage disposal every time we wanted to use it, but Ryan installed a switch woo hoo!

With the next project Ryan actually heard me telling my mom a few weeks before it couldn't be done. Ryan installed a water line from our sink to our fridge so we could have filtered water and ice. We got our fridge with an ice maker (I love crushed ice) before we moved into the house and realized it didn't have a water line.
 He had to go through all those cabinets and through the wall all the way over to the other side of the kitchen.
 He had to put a notch through all the studs.

He installed this handy thing :)

Yay crushed ice! My favorite! He is so thoughtful!

My most romantic looking gift was the lights. Aren't they pretty? He bought out all the Targets around in order to cover our patio. I have been telling him how much I love the look of this kind of lights. So pretty! Can't wait until it warms up and we can start eating out there.

While Ryan was working hard on my present I was off playing. Sorry Ryan...
 Reece playing with my old toy house.

 Liam playing piano with my mom and Reece hanging out with my dad.

Both babies were teething so the nights were a little rough. Reece decided it would be much better if he hung out in my bed and slept with me one night which NEVER happens. He must have been really desperate and tired.

Visiting my family in LA! Sorry Ryan we might need to photoshop you into this one.

My better than best friend Jenny came and joined us. 

 My pretty sister Kim and Reece. They are BFF's!

Front Yard

We had been trying ever since we moved in to bring our front lawn back to life and when the babies were born we decided to officially let it die. Last month we hired the same guy who did our back yard to put in a sprinkler system and grass. At some point in the future we will do the walkway up to the front door and then maybe this spring or summer we can do some landscaping around the border of the grass.