Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eleven Months!

We almost made it to a year. Yay for eleven months!

 They pretty much spent the whole photo shoot eating my paper. If I ever do these again I will have to think that part through.

Reece might look like he is yelling but he is actually chewing on the bar.

 Liam is on the right. He spends his day upside down like this.

 I had to start giving them "toys" so they wouldn't roll over and misbehave... yeah thats a measuring tape and my lens cap.

Brooke's Baby Shower!

A few weeks ago I threw a baby shower for my friend Brooke who is having a baby boy this month. She might just be the cutest pregnant person ever. I love throwing parties and my friend Erin was nice enough to let me borrow her house. Since it was January I decided to do a hot cocoa bar and cookies. 
For shower activities I got a copy of Where the Wild Things Are so everyone could write Brooke well wishes on the inside of the cover. I also filled a big jar with tootsie pops and had people guess how many were inside. That game was called "Ready to pop?"

Best place to buy paper straws... Paper Source of course :)

Hot cocoa spoons.

I made a table cloth out of some home decor fabric I had that went with my color scheme... After the party I ended up using the fabric to re-cover an ottoman I had in the babies room. It turned out super cute. 

Easiest garlands ever. I made them with wrapping paper and sewed them together with bias tape. 

I feel bad though, I realized after the party I pretty much had no pictures of people since I took most of them before the party started because I was hosting and I get super nervous taking pictures of people. Probably why the majority of pictures on my blog are of people not old enough to know I am photographing them.