Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eleven Months!

We almost made it to a year. Yay for eleven months!

 They pretty much spent the whole photo shoot eating my paper. If I ever do these again I will have to think that part through.

Reece might look like he is yelling but he is actually chewing on the bar.

 Liam is on the right. He spends his day upside down like this.

 I had to start giving them "toys" so they wouldn't roll over and misbehave... yeah thats a measuring tape and my lens cap.


Miriam said...

I can't believe they are almost a year! What great parents you guys have been to these two little guys!

Laura D'Onofrio said...

I seriously look forward to each month, because these babies are so rediculously cute. Soon they won't be babies anymore, and I will MISS THESE!

jrnavarro1 said...

They are ADORABLE!

jrnavarro1 said...

They are ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

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