Monday, February 13, 2012

Nursing cover!

I bought this fabric originally think that I would be at least having one girl (I had a 75% chance of at least one since I have fraternal twins) or that my sister or sister in law would be having a girl since we were all pregnant at the same time but since we are all having boys I decided to turn it into a nursing cover for me. 

It was super easy to make. I just followed this girls tutorial here.

Pictures of the finished nursery soon to come!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nursery Time!

The boys' nursery is finished!!!
You can see where I originally got some of my ideas on my Pinterest 'nursery ideas' board. I love rainbow colors and forest animals, so that's kind of the theme. I originally wanted all white furniture, but our love of Craigslist and antique/thrift stores left us with vintage dark wood for our dresser, bookshelf, and some accent pieces which I am pretty happy with.

We have a rocking chair in there at the moment but we wont be keeping it there long because it's light wood and it bothers me that it doesn't match. Looks a lot better in the top picture without it huh? I thought about painting it, but then it occurred to me that once we get a second crib (when they're a little older) the chair won't fit in the room anyways.

 I made the curtains (I promise they aren't quite as bright in person) and ryan helped me make the big box window valance.

 I am a little afraid of the table saw so he did most of that part.

But I do love my staple gun which I used to attach the fabric.

  Most of the art we have up is from different artists on Etsy:
The "Modern Bassinet" here
The "Who Loves You?" here
The "I am a Child of God" here
and I made the tree embroidery using this pattern.

 I love my cute leaf changing pad from Target. I got the lamp at a church activity where we brought all the stuff we wanted to get rid of from home and traded with each other. I also got some cute clothes for the boys and a baby monitor. 

This is what it looked like before I added a coat of paint and a new lamp shade.

 I also made the crib skirt, pillows, and banner.

This is the fabric I used for most of it. 

Crib skirt!

Ryan and I made the poster of the owl. We have an 'owl sanctuary' right next to our house. It is home to many burrowing owls, funny little guys who live in the ground. They are one of the few kinds of owls that are not nocturnal, and they are our neighbors.

 They put up these signs last year. We love the owl and it represents our area so we thought it would be fun to add it to their room. 

We still haven't decided how to hang it since we don't want anything heavy hanging above their heads.

My good friend Cathy made each of the boys a colorful quilt that matches the nursery perfectly.

 Ryan's favorite thing is the dinosaur mobile. 

 My friend lorea made the cute twins banner. I am sure lucky to have such creative friends.

Ryan and I found this gem of a bird at a thrift store and couldn't help ourselves.

 Our bookshelf... Still working on the books so it's storing baskets of toys and blankets at the moment.

Aren't the burp cloths cute? My friend Cassie made them. 

We're ready for you babies!