Sunday, April 21, 2013

First Haircut!

I have been needing to cut the boys' hair for a while now but part of me was a little sad to do it because I thought their little baby mullets were kind of cute. Today I decided It was probably getting a little too long. For some reason this brought the mommy emotions out in me. I can't get over these boys growing up.


 Haha ok Reece's mullet was pretty bad.


 I was debating on keeping a lock of it but it's really not that cute...


For Easter a friend of ours invited us to a party where they had good food, an egg hunt and even a very fancy easter bunny. 
Reece was very excited about the one egg Ryan helped him find.

They were pretty much happy each having their own egg.

Both boys really liked the bunny. Reece tried to crawl after him and Liam was very fond of petting him. I think we may need to work on stranger danger because the boys have no fear of new people or creatures.