Sunday, May 29, 2011

May is for Birthdays!

May is birthday month in the Murdock/Pabst family and we had a few more since last I posted.
Ryan had his birthday yesterday and he requested a donut "cake" with a lion candle on top...

For my mother's birthday I made her a travel bag for her curling iron with heat resistant fabric on the inside.

I am working on a few other birthday presents currently, but the problem with handmade is it never seems to be done on time... oh well.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We share a mom...

From the day I was born my sister Heather trained me to tell everyone that she was my best friend... 

Last week was her birthday...
Happy Birthday BFF!
(Good thing it's true.)

She is super smart and an excellent teacher, so I thought I would make her a vintage school-themed birthday card. I thought she needed to have something hand made to go with her birthday present, so I went out and bought some simple white towels from target.

Then I sewed a strip of fabric on them to match the apron I made her for her last birthday.

Turned out pretty good I think–and sorry to tell you Heather, but it was really easy.

Sadly, Orange was unable to be my Vanna White since he was out with a foxtail-to-the-eye injury. 
He does look pretty cute in his cone with a bow, though.