Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm almost done! The show starts this week on the 26th and will be going on until graduation which is the 18th of July. Also there will be an open house on Friday the 27th which should be allot of fun.

I have 12 in the BFA show. They are all monotypes printed on fabric and then mounted on 20x28 wood panels.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

For my mom.

I just finished making my mom a little case for her mac book yesterday. Shes a brave middle school teacher and uses it for work so I figured she needed something cute to take it to school in. I'm in love with the fabric and I hope she likes it too!

Almost done...

I finished my BFA final project on Friday and I am excited to have it all done. I decided that since the work was on fabric that instead of signing the work with pen that I would hand embroider my initials on the side of each pannel. I took them to get photographed and when they were sitting in my car I thought they looked pretty cool on there side so I took this. When I get those pictures from the photographer ill have to post a few. Now all I have left is to work on my artist statement... Yikes!