Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm almost done! The show starts this week on the 26th and will be going on until graduation which is the 18th of July. Also there will be an open house on Friday the 27th which should be allot of fun.

I have 12 in the BFA show. They are all monotypes printed on fabric and then mounted on 20x28 wood panels.


Daniel George said...

yo miranda, ellen and i both think the prints look great. we wish we were there to see the show. i'm sure they are way more impressive in person and in closer detail.

Nick said...

Miranda, these are awesome. Can't wait till friday!

Terese said...

I just got your postcard in the mail! Thanks a million. I am hanging it proudly on my fridge. I love what you have so far.I hope you post about your show.