Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho!

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, which is a great little museum in Idaho Falls, is having a show on printmaking from now until April 12Th. The whole show is to make people more aware of printmaking and all the different processes. The museum is also hosting some of the work done by my advanced Printmaking class. This is one of the pictures of our class from last Thursday which was opening night. My class was all so thankful for this opportunity to show and even sell our work. I loved just being there with other artist and people who appreciate art and being able to talk with them about printmaking and my work.

This was us a few days before the show when we were bringing our work to the museum and figuring out all the paperwork, labeling, and pricing. If you are ever want to check out the museum here is where you find all you need to know.

Oh and thanks for the pictures lizzy!