Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I did this print recently to celebrate my grandmother Nina who turns 90 this summer. This is the picture I used in the piece. It’s a picture of her riding a bike for the first time. She told me a boy took her on a date to go for her first bike ride and they ended up going 21 miles.

It’s interesting how I’m starting to notice the artists that influence my style. I have become a big fan of Robert Rauschenberg and I see his Neo- Dada and pop art style in many of my works.


sheila said...

I love this photo. But I am excited that you have a blog I will be checking it out. I love things that are interesting and beautiful. I am so proud!

Terese said...

I love your work Miranda! You have such a distinct style that is SO my taste. I love Robert Rauschenberg too. We will have to discuss me making a purchase from your art collection one of these days. Seriously!

Cyndi said...

Miranda I LOVE all of your are amazing! This one is probably my favorite thought. Could I commission you do do some art for my house???? I would love a Miranda original! I am dead serious...what is your $price$
You need to get on online store or something to sell your work. You ROCK!