Monday, May 24, 2010

Once apron a time...

It was my sister Heather's birthday recently and every year she is the recipient of many of my creations. Over the years I have sewn her a laptop bag, a camera case, and curtains... the 's' means two curtains--I learned after making only one window treatment for her baby's room, and then quickly having to sew another after she unwrapped it and told me the room has two windows. This year I decided to make her an apron.

I also gave her the matching sandwich bag that I posted below.

Oh and I just saw the ad for Sex in the City 2 and noticed that they had the cute cupcake apron from Paper Source in it. So cute! I love cupcakes!


Maureen said...

That apron is absolutely fabulous! Seriously, it's cuter than anything I have to wear to church! It's very chic. Super job, 'Randa!

Mary Lou said...

Love, Love, Love!