Sunday, July 3, 2011

My new backyard!

Here is our backyard when we moved into our house a year ago. 

During the winter time weeds and grass grew on top of the rocks and cement.

It was really pretty at the moment but didn't last long...
These are some pictures we took a few weeks ago.

We tried to clear our backyard out ourselves. Over two saturdays we cleared a strip about 3 feet wide. After that 3 feet the debris got much thicker, and we gave up.

But then tragedy struck! Orange, frolicking through the rocks and weeds, at last succumbed to them.

"No more!", we said. We hired some industrious gentlemen to do what we could not. They made short work of our weeds and rocks, clearing them all in half a day. We felt a little silly.

The backyard also hard a very large deep pond that Ryan, with a little help from me, dug out.

Civilizations to come will never know there was a pond here.

We have a terrible time keeping our front yard watered, so we didn't want to find out what would happen to this much larger yard.  We called around and took many estimates. A shady-seeming guy on craigslist quoted us half the price of everybody else. Come on over, shady-seeming guy!

He actually did a really, really good job.

He put in fancy wood border things and rototilled and mixed manure stuff into our dirt and put sod down and installed our automatic sprinkler system, with an extra pipe dealy that we can extend if we want to put in a drip system for a future garden around the borders.

Kitties don't like it… they sit on the dirt and stare disapprovingly. It's for your own good, kitties!

Fully automatic sprinkling! Isn't it gorgeous?!


Now on to gardening!


Heather said...

Amazing! It looks so great! And I'm glad the kitties are warming up to it.

LizzyHouse said...

I like all the shots of cats in the yard.