Friday, January 6, 2012

Maui time!

From Christmas to New Years 15 of us from the Pabst family went to Maui and we all had an awesome time. 
This is 10 of the 15 of us playing in the ocean.

Ryan and I made the trek up to Haleakala and the sights were beautiful. You could see most of the island from the top. 

 It was super windy so ignore the really bad hair. My sister and I both hit the 28 week mark in our pregnancy on this trip. My doctor told me that 28 weeks pregnant with twins means that I am the size of a full term single pregnancy... Yay for me. 

 My Dad took Ryan and my brother in law Chris out for a surf lesson but sadly there was no surf to be found.  But at least they looked cool doing it. Maybe next time Ryan tries surfing I wont be pregnant and can show him my mad surf "skills".



 One of my favorite things on this trip was getting a shaved ice every day! This was the best place we tried.

My cute niece Caroline

 My parents go to Maui this week ever year and stay at the same place called Honokeana Cove. This place has tons of giant sea turtles swimming around which made for fun snorkeling. One time out snorkeling we saw 14 giant sea turtles. I also saw a big seal one day while sitting on the porch eating breakfast. This is Ryan trying out a paddle board in the cove. 

 Sweet Caroline
My nephew Charlie

My bro and my niece Ella

Hawaiian Ella 

Ryan and the pretty beach

Happy New Year from the Murdocks!!!


Ashley said...

I am so jealous--it looks dreamy over there! Tyler and I tried to do that volcano a couple years ago but I got too sick on the curvy road up. You look darling not at all like a woman about deliver!

Miriam said...

That last picture makes me so happy! Your family is precious.

jonahliza said...

happy new year, miranda! great photos! i always love the idea of goin somewhere tropical during winter ;)

Maureen said...

Wait, you HIKED up there? I'm impressed! I have to disagree, you absolutely look like you're ready to deliver! :)

Great pics!

Terese said...

How fun that so many of you were together. I love all the photos. Good luck with your last 9 weeks! You look fabulous! Why didn't they have cute maternity clothes like that when I was prego?

Mary Lou said...

I'm with Maur - hiked? The only hiking I'm doing these days is to the fridge and back! Nice work!