Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving-- I get to live in a place that is relatively warm most of the year, I have a cute little house with projects to keep me busy. I had an amazingly healthy twin pregnancy and now two big, cute, happy and healthy baby boys, to go along with my very rockin' husband who has a good job for a company he loves. Also I am thankful for Lucky Charms... They got me through a few rough patches this year.

We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving at home this year. Ryan had the week off and his mom came and spent the holiday with us. It was very nice to have extra hands around here to help with the boys and show us how to properly cook a turkey. Ryan and I also got to go run errands together without the boys, go out on a date, take naps, and sleep in! Woo hoo! I did miss my family though, which makes me pretty excited to get to see them in a few weeks. 

 Before turkey photo!

Beverly working the turkey.

 Ryan is an expert at gravy. While I alway make the potatoes... I was trained by real Idahoans. 

 Liam isn't used to salt or butter. He seemed very unsure about mashed potatoes.

Reece isn't as polite with his thoughts on the matter.

They didn't much care for Thanksgiving dinner, but we've since discovered that their favorite baby food is turkey and rice. There's hope for them next year!


Dipsy said...

What a cozy Thanksgiving.

ML said...

So cute!

Miriam said...

Life must be so happy with these two cutie pies!

Maureen said...

I love those little faces! Ryan's is pretty great too :)

Anonymous said...

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