Thursday, January 21, 2010

The M's Made Necklaces

After Christmas I went and visited my in laws in Idaho and my sister in law Miriam had made all the girls there really cute necklace pendants out of old scrabble tiles. Each pendant had a picture on it that was picked personally for them.
This is the one that was made for me and it has one of my art works inside. Well we all just loved ours so much that we decided that we should make some together. So Miriam showed me and her sisters Meredith and Maureen (isn't it cool how we all have M names) how to do it. For these we didn't use scrabble tiles but wooden oval shapes work just as good. This is my favorite of the ones I made. I have worn it almost everyday this week.

You can check out the rest of them on my sister in laws website Made By Marzapan!


Maureen said...

I wear Xander's picture every day :)

The Pools said...

Ok, my mom made necklaces out of dominoes...have you tried that? I may be behind the times, haha.

Ryan and Miriam said...

I'm so happy you like your necklace, Miranda! Your birds did turn out lovely!

Most of the others we made encountered their demise at one step or another in the process (including one of mine that completely glued itself to the board!).