Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Holga

This is my first attempt at using my holga camera. I got this camera last year but I have always been a little afraid of using it. I took one photo class my first semester of college and wasn't very good at it so after that I stayed away from photography until now. So we will see if I even figure this thing out. Here were some of my photos.


Maureen said...

I think I'll have to google Holga. I like the last photo... a lamp?

my names Jo, what's yours? said...

oh, i love it! great shots girl. .is that an ikea lamp? .. cause i've been drooling over it this whole week! teehee

Mary Lou said...

I'm waiting to see if there's anything in the whole world that you can't do fabulously. Haven't found anything yet. Love the pics!