Thursday, November 19, 2009

My new Dress Form!

My parents gave me money all the way back in August for my Birthday to get a dress form and after lots of comparison shopping and ebaying this is my final purchase. I wanted a vintage one because I wanted it to look good as an art piece but also be useful in making clothes.

I tested it out too! This was a sewing apron I made a few months ago.


Maureen said...

I never really understood how those work... are they size-adjustable?

It looks nice in your house! I wanted a metal one for my garden but Meredith said it would be creepy.

Mary Lou said...

It looks really cool and it's even more impressive that you would know how to use it. I'm assuming this would enable you to try things on without getting poked by pins. I like!

Ryan and Miriam said...

I'm diggin the apron!