Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Paper me

At work we have these really cute paper doll kits and I was doing samples of what they look like and decided I needed to make one of Me, Ryan, and our little kitty Sushi.

I also have been decorating my art and sewing room and made this bulletin board.

While I was painting the wood panel Sushi decided she wanted to jump on top of it. I grabbed her before she could get to the carpet. However, her paw prints were left on my art table and I thought it was pretty cute and kept it.


Corianne said...

Love the paper family! They are perfect! Miss you and after school! some great times! :0)

Mary Lou said...

So adorable! But Ryan needs to be a bit taller and with a smirk on his face. I want to see a paper cat. Love the paw print. Your cat is artistic, I see!