Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Home!

Last week Ryan, Sushi, and I moved into our new home. It was a bank owned home so it need lots of work but we are very excited. I now have enough projects for a lifetime. The house is very mid century modern so it's going to be very fun to decorate.

I already bought this cool lamp to go with the mid century modern style.

My in laws came into town last weekend to help out with the house which was really fun and we got lots done. I bought a color called moss to paint our living room and well it ended up being green in the can and blue on the walls but I love the color so it all worked out. Once my house is in a little better shape I can take more pictures.

(notice the color in the pan)

We also have a nice little addition to our family. He is 8 months old and loves to play with his tennis ball, chase Sushi, and be held.

Now he just needs a name... so far we have Jin (like ginger to go with Sushi and he is orange), Sulu (like in the old Star Treks), and queso (he is orange and Ryan loves his queso).
Any more ideas?


Maureen said...

We had fun working on your cute little house!

Kenzie and I both vote for Queso!

Terese said...

Cool house! I hope you post all the pics when you're done painting!

Carolyn said...

I was so happy to see Queso's photo on your web site. We miss him so much and last night I called you to find out how he was adjusting to his new family. Your house looks like a great project. Thanks for providing a great home for Queso or whatever you decide to call him.

Carolyn Laub

Heather said...

I can attest that your house is super cute. Way to go Mirby and Ryan!