Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school, back to school...

I decided to go back to school and I have been singing this song all week.

After two years of being done with college and trying to figure out what I want to be, I decided that taking a few graphic design classes might be the right direction for me. Yeah I know I probably should have figured that out before or while in college but I have always been a little behind. Honestly for the last two years I have had about an idea a week of what I want to be. I looked into nursing school, being a seamstress, pattern making, teaching, substitute teaching, hotel hospitality, bank teller, carpenter (that was Ryan's pick), being an artist, hair stylist, nannying (sadly no agencies would take me, I guess a college degree and lots of experience with children and teaching was not what they were looking for ), and of course countless numbers of businesses I thought about starting.

The only one that has really stuck with me since I have graduated has been graphic design.

I laugh because I am taking these classes and I still have no definite goal in mind for a career but I feel like this is a good direction for my art and will definitely make me a more employable person living in the tech capital of the world.

I am still keeping my job at Paper Source since I was only working part time anyways and will still be teaching workshops.

I just started school on Monday at Mission College. It is very scary and exciting. Homework may be posted.

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