Friday, February 25, 2011

Making do!

 This bathroom was pretty rough when we moved in. Luckily we have two bathrooms.

The shower doesn't work and is bright pink and the door to the bathroom was missing... something we didn't realize until we moved in. It was really just an ugly bathroom with a cushy grandma seat and all (that was the first thing to go). The shower is on our list of things to do but since it's our second shower it's pretty low on the list. The bathroom door was a priority though, so we put that in a few months after we moved in. 

At first I was just going to let this room sit and not decorate it until after we remodel, but after a few months I just couldn't take it anymore. I used paint I have left over from other room for the walls and cabinets. I also bought some cute hand towels and yesterday I finally got around to making some curtains out of leftover fabric. Someday I'll have a good looking bathroom but for now I think it turned out pretty cute for how much I spent on it.


Heather said...

Love the curtain! (notice I said curtain--not curtains) He, he.

Dipsy said...

So cute! Ryan sure got a winner with you, dearie!

Dipsy said...

I just saw where United is starting flights from IF to San Francisco on June 9th. So I might have to come out sometime and see that bathroom in person!

Mary Lou said...

the wait is over -- you have a stunning bathroom right now!