Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's shower!

Isn't she pretty! She's getting married in 5 weeks. Yay!

Jen's shower was last week and I think she really loved it. My mother and I had lots of talented and fabulous people helping us. The Cooks who are long time friends of both my and Jen's family offered to have the party at their house. They run a rental business, have a party store, and own a beautiful house which made it a perfect location. It really would not have been as beautiful and nice as it was without them.

Romantic huh?

Lucky girl!

Also I was so thankful for Nicole Clark who took all these pictures. After the craziness of the shower I realized I had a total of 2 pictures taken. Oh well, mine were not as cute anyways.


Miriam said...

Beautiful house, beautiful bride, beautiful cheesecake, beautiful party! And a beautiful Miranda! Great job, Randa!

maureen said...

Sooo adorable! Another fantastic party!