Friday, March 25, 2011

Meal Chart!

I have been doing Weight Watchers since November and loving the results. A few weeks ago I hit my 10% goal which is a big mark in Weight Watchers (I made myself a little ribbon at that point) and yesterday I weighed in and I am about 13% which was my total weight loss goal. YAY! I am now back down to about the size I was when I got married.

 In doing Weight Watchers I have really learned to change my eating habits. I am eating at home and cooking more and sadly I have noticed that the healthier you eat the more expensive it gets. Fresh fruits and veggies cost much more than processed foods and don't last as long. Living in the very expensive bay area doesn't help, either. I have been trying to plan out my weekly meals so I don't buy food and let it go to waste. Recently I was at my sister Heather's house and she had a cute weekly chart on the fridge. I used the idea and kind of made it my own. I had seen these envelope pocket wall hangers before and was always trying to think of a use for them and when I thought about the weekly meal chart I realized it was a perfect fit.

In the top pocket I keep all my previous meal ideas and blank cards for future ideas along with a pen.

The rest of the envelopes have days on them and hold the meal choice for that day.

This was the book I made while teaching my journal making class. I made a smaller size because I wanted it to slide easily into my purse. The class was larger than usual but we made it work and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. 


jonahliza said...

congrats, girl!
and uhmm what is that weekly meal font? i love it <3

Miranda said...

HaloHandletter... I think I got it from some free font site. It reminds me of you.

Anonymous said...

tacosoup eh? Wonder where ya learned that?!?!?! jkdc. ;)