Friday, April 8, 2011

Color Theory

 Ryan and I a while back had a conversation about my favorite color. I insisted it was purple and had been purple for about ten years. His reply was "It may be purple in theory but in practice it is orange." It's a funny point in a relationship when you realize the person you are with may just know more about you than you do. He was right. I own very few things that are purple and I never wear the color but orange is everywhere in my house and closet. I even have orange hair and a cat named Orange. Just like Peeta my favorite color is orange (if you know that reference you are just as nerdy as me).

A new realization hit me today though that I may just have a new favorite color... Yellow. It's starting to spread everywhere in my house and life and I don't think I mind it.

Doesn't Ryan look hansom with yellow!

I think it all started with my kitchen. It has the original formica counters from the 50's. I love them so I had to decorate around it.

I even painted one of the walls in my studio yellow.

This week I painted a thread rack I bought at a thrift store yellow. Doesn't the before look like a tomb stone...


Now I just have to decide... is my favorite color orange or yellow? I'll have to go ask Ryan.


Heather said...

Hilarious! You even liked purple as a kid--but Ryan is totally right about orange. I love it. I love all the yellow in your house (you and mom now have one more thing in common).

Also, I love your thread rack. Do you think I need one for the ONE roll (?) of thread that I own?

Heather said...

Spool. It's called a spool. :)

Ryan said...

Don't you hate it when Ryan is right?

I love your thread board too! It makes me want to sew something--and I don't sew!

Miranda S. Murdock said...

Heather I laugh because I remember sewing those purple curtains for your first place in New York and thinking wow Heather likes purple and I like purple... We are sisters... though I was probably just trying to be like you.