Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just because I need ANOTHER hobby... I decided to try out quilting. Ryan was voting for woodworking as my new hobby, but since I already have the fabric, quilting won. I know I mentioned it in the last post but here is a little update... There are now two quilts in the works.

Our model for the day: Orange!

Don't you love this fabric? I have pieces of it throughout and I think I am going to back the quilt with it. 

Sushi has also been helping by taking daily naps in my scraps.

A while back I saw a vintage quilt at my friend Kaari's house all made up of fabric yoyo's. It's more of a decorative quilt than a useful one but I loved it so I'm making my own.

To practice making yoyo's I made this headband.

Some lady told me her son would like it because it had buttons... not sure if thats a compliment, but I'll take it…

Now I've moved on to the quilt. I didn't make these ones, but this is what it will look like when it's all done. I guess they were really popular in the 20's-40's.

 I want them all to be the same size so I bought a yoyo maker. It also gives me something to do while watching TV.

This is my progress so far!

I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing project. 70 down... at least 330 to go.


jonahliza said...

great job so far.. i love your fabric and color choices. that yoyo maker is awesome. now, i kinda want one! hehe.. have a nice weekend, miranda <3

Maureen said...

I love your fabric choices! Those are some teeny tiny strips, you will be a very patient (or very frustrated) person by the end of it :)

Bring your yo yo maker when you come visit... we'll all take turns in between games of Catan!

Amy said...

I love yo-yo quilts! I haven't tried one yet. I did buy the little paper pieces to start doing a grandmothers garden though.

The Mostess said...

So very cute!! Glad my vintage quilt could be inspirational! :)

Feel free to borrow it anytime to study!

Anonymous said...

I love my yo-yo maker. never made ayo-yo quilt till I seen one and fell in love with them. I'm addicted to making them now. love your fabric choices.