Friday, July 13, 2012

Wilson Week!

My sister in law Maureen and niece Kenzie came to visit last week. We had lots of fun going to the children's discovery museum, going to Great America, shopping, and eating lots of good meals out. Maureen even planted me a beautiful garden.

The children's discovery museum:

 Gnome homes at the museum. I am pretty sure the guy who was in charge of this area of the museum was related to Napoleon Dynamite because he looked and sounded just like him and he took his job REALLY seriously. He told me all about being a boy scout and how he knew how to collect things like this:

Kenzie on the walk to Great America:

Kenzie went on the chair lift by herself. She said it wasn't scary because she had been on a plane which goes way higher. She was even brave enough to go on her first roller coaster, however I think that it might also have been her last.

 You can barely see her car in this picture.

Orange loves our new garden. Thanks Maureen!

We decided to take a walk to the park the last day they were here. Ignore our very random clothes.  We had just gotten out of our church clothes and we hadn't planned on going anywhere or seeing anyone.

 We had some problems all looking at the camera.

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Maureen said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for having us!