Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am finally getting around to posting some christmas pictures.
 Please ignore their stripy prison uniforms. They wore the sweaters for church, but the pants they had on didn't seem comfortable enough for a nap. When they woke up we decided to open presents since we were flying to Idaho on Christmas Eve. Oh well.
 The babies love toys which I hear is unusual for babies this young. Most babies are more interested in the remote or whatever their parents are doing, but not these little guys. I hope that they stay this playful as they grow up! My mom has always said that out of her five kids I loved to play the most. She and my aunt Dina (the only other redhead in the family, which makes us bonded for life) talked when I first started kindergarten about how sad it was that I had to go to school because I loved to stay home and play all day. I have also been told Ryan was a very creative kid so I'm excited for them to grow up and playing with me. So far they are fun kids!

Ryan got lots of tools for all his home projects he has been up to lately. He needs to stop being so handy and start playing more... then maybe he would get a cool truck that shoots out balls like the babies did for Christmas.

Packing for Idaho! We surprised Ryan's family in Idaho and flew up for Christmas. The trip didn't go exactly as planned and started with a 5 hour delay at the airport on Christmas Eve. When we got there, some of the family was sick so we had to keep the boys far away so they wouldn't catch anything. We did get Cafe rio twice and got to go to the movies multiple times which makes it a very exciting week for us.

The start of the babies grinch obsession.

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