Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Diaper Bag and Christmas Projects

As my boys have gotten bigger so has all of their stuff. I also have been wanting a diaper bag with an option to be a backpack since my arms are usually very full of babies. I love the idea behind the petunia pickle bottom backpacks (their headquarters are in my hometown Ventura woo hoo) but the only one big enough for me is $200+ and the fabric they come in lately has not really been my style. So I decided to make a bag thats a little more me.
I used laminated fabric because I wanted it to be easy to clean. I loved the pattern on this but I was a little disappointed with the quality. It was a lot thiner than I hoped and it ended up leading to my bag not being as stiff as I would like even with some interfacing ironed in. When the bag is full it's ok and I love the bag besides that. When I designed the bag I wanted it to have lots of pockets. This one has a total of 8 outside pockets and 7 inside. 

I didn't want it to be a backpack all the time so the straps are attached with hooks. It also has loops on the side of the bag so I can make hooks to attach it to my stroller.

Reece likes the backpack straps.

I love the fabric on the inside. 

I made this as a Christmas wreath but I like it so much I am going to count it as Valentines decorations too. I just threw a heart garland behind it and it looks pretty cute.

I made these owls from a kit my mom had gotten me at Paper Source. Some have little ear muffs and scarfs. Ryan calls one of the owls Wonder Bread.

I wanted the boys to have handprint ornaments to celebrate their first christmas. 

It was a little hard getting Reece's fat hands to make an impression. They kept getting smushed flat and wouldn't make an impression. Oh well that's a pretty cute problem to have.


Ryan said...

I love your bag! The backpack straps are pure genius!

Carrie said...

These are AWESOME crafts! You are amazing and when do you find the time? :) Did you do the hand print ornaments yourself? If so, can you send me the instructions?