Sunday, August 19, 2012

Five Months!

I don't have any stats this time so I am just going to do some facts about the boys.

You know how we thought Reece was teething at three months? It turns out he actually had a cyst around where his molars will be coming in. My doctor said it's no big deal, but that it can be really painful. The good thing is It does't seem to bother him anymore.

Reece has been very vocal since about three months. He has been testing his voice trying to see how high he can scream. That's not my favorite, but he makes other cute sounds so it's okay. Recently I heard Liam trying to make the same sound and I am pretty sure he is mimicking his brother. Every time I think I am getting to recognize the differences in the two boys' voices, they start to pick up on sounds that the other one makes.

Reece has been very giggly. I tried to give him a baby massage the other day and he is so ticklish that he laughed the entire time. He laughs and smiles at everyone and everything. Reece started arching his back trying to roll over at about 4 1/2 months and on his 5 month birthday he rolled from his back onto his stomach for the first time. He is very active and seems to be pretty coordinated. At 4 1/2 months he tried eating baby food, but he hasn't liked it very much. He even spits at you as you try to give him the spoon. Reece started out as my cuddly baby but now he has become more active and aware and he never stays still long enough to cuddle. :'(

Liam has gotten more cuddly. He loves to rest his head on you when he gets sleepy.  Liam is very sweet and smart. Liam picked up on eating really fast and seems to enjoy every kind of baby food we give him. One of his favorite things to do is stick his feet straight up in the air and then slam them down on the floor. Over and over. He even does it in his sleep. All swaddled up in his green wrap, it makes him look like a floppy fish.

Liam hasn't rolled over yet but he's at a disadvantage because he's not quite as round as Reece. He can get onto his side by putting his feet straight up into the air and then letting them fall to one side.

I think Liam is going to like animals. He notices Sushi and Orange as they walk by, and will giggle and try to pull their whiskers off. Our cats know they are babies and are very patient with them. One of his favorite toys is a throw pillow we have on our couch. We play a game in which the pillow is slowly lowered towards him. He laughs and opens his mouth up wide, which is his version of a smile. When the pillow is ready to touch down, he puts all four limbs straight up in the air and balances the pillow on his feet and hands, forming a tiny table. This game is sure to cheer him up when nothing else will. 

Both babies have been laughing since birth. They used to do it in their sleep and it sounded like little goats, but now they laugh in reaction to people and all sorts of things and it's very cute. At about four months they started smiling at each other and now they love to look at each other and laugh. Sometimes I'll put them in their crib and check on them some time later, only to find they've been keeping each other up by giggling back and forth at each other.

Both babies love books, toys, and music. Their favorite book is 'oh my oh my oh dinosaurs', and their favorite song is Jingle Bells, which Ryan sings to them all the time. They don't like recorded music quite as much--I think they like to watch your face as you sing. They can be entertained for hours laying on a blanket and watching you sing. Both babies also think the words "da da dadada" and "ma ma mama" are quite hilarious.

 The prize for being so good while taking pictures... A crib full of toys!!!


Corianne said...

Soooooo cute! I love seeing pictures of your little guys! They are adorable :0)

LizzyHouse said...

gosh they are so cute!!!

Heather said...

Oh my heavens--they are so adorable I can hardly stand it. I want to see Liam's pillow trick! And that crib full of toys looks like Ella visited!

Maureen said...

Oh love love love! Dear jolly boys :)

Dipsy said...

I'm surprised there's room in the crib for toys, with the size of those thighs. Even Liam's are getting chunky! Sorry to hear about Reece's cyst. Maybe that's why he didn't take to solids so easily. Sure do miss those darling boys!