Friday, August 3, 2012

Idaho time!

Ryan and I took the boys for the first time to Idaho to meet all of the in-laws. It's fun they live in Rexburg, Idaho because I went to college there and now I have a reason to go back and see all the growth of this little college town which changes so much every year. 

We took the boys on their first flight from Oakland to Idaho Falls which was great.

My in-laws have an incredible garden with tons of raspberry bushes. 

I am pretty sure by the end of the trip Ryan and I had eaten about a gallon of them. We even went out with a flashlight and picked some as a midnight snack one night.

Yum! It's hard to eat the store bought kind now. They just don't taste as good.

My sister-in-law Maureen did all of our nails including Ryan's. He has the little black cat   >^..^<

One of my closest friends from college lives near my in-laws, so I get to see her at least once a year. Jazzy just had her second son and it's fun to see her and her family grow.

The Murdocks have an annual tradition of something called 'Cousins Camp' where they head up to my mother-in-law Beverly's and father-in-law Phil's land in Island Park for a day of fun. This was Reece and Liam's first year and though they couldn't really participate in the festivities I think they might have had the most peaceful naps ever. Notice the river in the background of the picture above? It was gorgeous.

Reece and Liam framed their cousin Owen for an undisclosed crime. I am pretty sure with his innocent face that he didn't do it. It's going to be fun seeing these three boys grow up since Owen is only about a month older than the twins. 

While Ryan and his sisters went river rafting the boys and I walked to Taco Time. It made me reminisce about my college days when my roommate and I would go there once a week for what we called Taco Time Tuesday. I wonder if the man in the background is reminiscing about earlier Taco Times, too…

Ryan's sister Maureen was nice enough to watch the twins so we could go on a date to my favorite restaurant 'Snake Bite'. Reece and Liam cried so much you'd think that THEY got a 'snake bite'! (Ryan made me write that joke). I love this place. They have well seasoned criss cross fries and I love me a good burger. Ryan loves the baked brie. Ryan even proposed to me by a river eating Snake Bite by candlelight... super romantic right?

Beverly owns a cute little scooter that she let me borrow and Ryan taught me how to use it. I felt pretty brave hitting 15 mph.

The flight back home is something we are trying to forget. It included one of my most embarrassing moments which I don't want to share with the internet, but in the end it was all worth it for the fun trip. See you next year Murdocks!


Dipsy said...

Some how I missed this cute post! It made me remember what a fun time we had with you guys. You look amazing on my scooter, Miranda--a real natural! Kiss my little grandsons for me!

Dipsy said...

Fun, fun, fun!