Saturday, August 25, 2012

My 26th Birthday!

 My mom was here the week before my birthday so Ryan and I got to go out on a date and celebrate  early. We went to the movies and dinner. My favorite part was the s'mores shake for dessert!
On my actual birthday we had a little family party with the four of us. The boys couldn't have any cake but they did enjoy playing with the fun party plates and napkins my mom bought me.

Ryan has good taste. My pretty chocolate cake!

 I got lots of fun present from Ryan and my family including a lens for my camera, kitchen accessories, trendy tops (infomercials really work on Ryan), towels, pretty plates for my plate collection (I'm doing a display in my kitchen), and lots of fun owl themed stuff. 

My grandpa always loved owls and I do too. You can tell from the similar cards I got from my parents and in laws!



 So glad these little guys could be at my party.

Party Time!


Dipsy said...

Your boys take good care of you.

Maureen said...

Oh, so many cheeks to kiss! Glad you had a good day :)