Thursday, September 13, 2012

Six Months!

Liam and Reece just turned 6 months last week and had their check up. I have two very healthy happy boys! The doctor even commented on their very pleasant temperament.
Here are their stats:

height 25 3/4 inches 15th percentile
weight 17 pounds 7 ounces 49th percentile

height 26 3/4 inches 54th percentile
weight 20 pounds 7 ounces 90th percentile

At 5 1/2 months we put them in separate cribs because Reece is getting too tall to fit and they are rolling now and don't have enough room. It was a sad move for us, but we put the cribs next to each other so at least they are still close.

  The number 6 was just so tempting that Reece had to take a bite.

 Then Liam wanted a taste. By the end they were in a few different soggy pieces. 

 Tumbling all over each other as usual.

Post-photo shoot playing with daddy and stuffed animals on the floor:

 Taste test!

They conspired to steal my camera and put an end to this photo shoot once and for all!


Carrie said...

That's so cute! Love those boys and think you're pretty swell too! Happy late birthday!

Dipsy said...

I see the Cousin Camp Skunk made it to the photo shoot! These boys are growing so fast! Love y'all!

Maureen said...

The leg shots are always my favorite! What is he doing sitting up? He's growing up too fast! Is that your new portrait lens? Great pics, their skin tones are so lovely :)

ML said...

Lovely heap of baby!

The Jackson Jamboree said...

They are very handsome boys! Great pictures, I want to squeeze those chunky legs- cute!

Heather said...

It makes me a little sad that they don't get to sleep together anymore. But so clever to put their cribs together! Also, will you take some pics of Tommy next week? You've gotten really good! (and I still hardly know how to turn my camera on)