Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday at Alviso

A few Saturdays ago we took a walk around the wetlands of Alviso. Ryan's Cub Scouts took a nature hike there, and he thought our babies would appreciate it, too. And throw fewer rocks.

 We saw these funny little guys on the drive in, and while we were there we saw a jackrabbit, a lizard, and lots of interesting birds. Sadly, we did not see the little salt mouse that the area is known for.

 Liam left and Reece right. They were pretty apathetic about being there.

 Crazy pink river. Not sure why it was pink and couldn't find anything online about it...

 Ryan was learning how to use my new lens. I think he is a better photographer than me, but maybe it's because he is more patient. 

I love Liam's face here. He wasn't sad he just has a frowny face sometimes.

Wigwam time with Liam! I feel like this is funnier without giving any context.

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Heather said...

Did you get a new stroller? Love the big wheels and sun shade!