Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Seven Month Pictures!

The boys are seven months and incredibly cute!
 Liam on the left and Reece on the right.

 Cell mates!

 See Liam's two front teeth?


 Reece was super freaked out by the leaves until...

 He figured out he could eat them!

 Reece's two front teeth!


 Brotherly love...

Bite or kiss? 

Happy Fall!


Heather said...

This post made my day. Can't wait to squeeze those thighs!

Dipsy said...

Made my day too! Thanks,Miranda!

Maureen said...

This just plain made me HAPPY! Every last picture is DELIGHTFUL!! TFS

Carrie said...

Such cute boys! I love Reece's face with the leaves and Liam is all smiles isn't he?

ML said...

Good gracious, they're cute! Four teeth between them! Owen doesn't have any yet! Love the pics -- thanks for posting them.