Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthday Week!

I haven't posted much but pictures since Christmas because the boys or I have been sick for the last 2 months which limits fun things to talk about. Last week they seemed to be getting better though, except for Liam's double ear infection, but he's took antibiotics so now he is in the best shape he has been in a while. Last week we did lots more fun stuff and it being birthday week couldn't be better timing. We made it through our first year with twins so we had lots to celebrate! On the Tuesday before their birthday the twins and I went with friends to the De Young art museum which is my favorite museum in California. It was free museum day which means it was crowded but well worth it. I was so embarrassed because the musuem has high ceilings and lots of open spaces which made the acoustics amazing. The babies kept yelling happily to hear the sounds echo back.

My favorite pieces:

Then on the boys' birthday we went to lunch and got Pinkberry.

Reece loved his and Liam didn't which is pretty typical.

 My neighbor remembered the boys' birthday somehow and brought them both a gift and balloons which they loved.

We opened presents from Dipsy and Papa Murdock on their birthday and they loved this talking and singing dog they got. 

We also wanted to take the boys to Monterey on our first family trip alone. Both Ryan and I love it there. We drove up the coast on our honeymoon and we stopped there for a few days. Now that we live close by we try to go about one a year. We decided to go stay at a hotel so we could also take the boys swimming. We took a page from my parents' playbook and stayed at an embassy suites so we wouldn't have to share a room with the boys. It also had a warm indoor pool to take boys swimming for the first time.
Loved the boys in their swim trunks.

The whole trip was worth it just for the floor length mirror. The boys were very entertained.

 Our dates to Chilis! They were cheap dates because all they wanted to eat was the sugar packets.

On Saturday we went to the Monterey bay aquarium. 

 The huge deep ocean tanks were all of our favorite. The fish and sharks were huge. We let the boys crawl all over the room and check out the tank. Notice the hammerhead in the back. 
Until now, Liam thought the food chain ended with Orange.

  Babies liked the aquarium, but were pretty done by the end. Even their penguin friend couldn't cheer them up.

 But crepes could! Reece was flipping out over strawberries and Nutella and would beg for more. He is totally my child!

When we got home we found a package from Nana and Papa Pabst! 
The boys each got their own motorcycle. It's the first toy we own two of. I've been making them share until this point, but it's getting more difficult to explain sharing to them lately. They love sitting on their motorcycles and pushing all the buttons, though they don't know how to make them go forward yet. Liam would sit on his all day if he could.

I wasn't sure about having a party since they don't care yet and they don't really have friends, but I thought it would be fun to have a few people over for sunday dinner and then have cupcakes. It was fun and very chill. Perfect for a first birthday.

 Reece loved the frosting! He even grabbed the frosting off mine when I showed it to him. 

Liam was not a fan. He threw his on the floor twice!

Happy birthday babies! 


Dipsy said...

My favorite "pieces" are in the last picture!

Dipsy said...

P.s. those boys on the motorcycles are SO CUTE!

Miriam said...

That is a darling post! Those boys are getting so big. You had you're first overnight vacation with the boys--it's almost like you're real people again! Those motorcycles are the best! Happy birthday buddies!

Maureen said...

Love this! Especially the part about the food chain ending with Orange :D

I like the rug in your kitchen, too!

ML said...

I miss those cuties! They're getting so big! Owen is going to have so much fun with them this summer!