Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ten to Twelve months!

Ten to twelve months has been rough. It's winter and cold season, and it feels like Liam and Reece have been sick since Christmas, but now it's finally starting to warm up! You will notice the boys are wearing pajamas in most of these pictures, but that's our uniform when we are sick. I have a hard time accepting that they are one now. It has been the shortest and longest year ever.


Liam is cuddly, sweet, pensive, jealous, cute, quirky, and serious.

When Liam is excited he huffs and puffs and does this flopping thing. It a variation of the jumping jacks he used to lay on his back and do. He rocks and kicks at the same time. If you hold him up in the air he does it and opens his mouth up wide like a flying fish. Liam makes the best disgusted faces when eating cold or bitter things. Liam also loves to shake his head "nooo". It's one of his only tricks, and if I try to get him to do another one like clap or say words, he just shakes his head "nooo". I am pretty sure he knows I am trying to get him to do a trick, he just thinks he should get to choose which one. Liam learned to pull himself up at 11 1/2 months. Liam was a little behind in learning to pull himself up. The only reason he finally learned is because he wanted to climb into my lap. I was the only thing he would pull himself up on at first. He is a total momma's boy and I love it.

Now he is all over the house pulling himself up. He loves to look out the front window and see everything going on outside. Liam hasn't learned to crawl yet but he is a speed army crawler. He is pretty good at keeping up with Reece. It is cute to see them follow each other around all day. They may not be playing together, but they almost never leave each others' side.

It's funny how much they disregard personal space with each other. I had to separate their highchairs because they would always distract each other and put their hands all over each others arms and trays.


Reece is active, personable, happy, loud, bold, hungry, and everywhere. He is very strong socially. He laughs when I laugh, and Liam laughs when Reece laughs. When Reece is around other kids he crawls very proudly. It's more of a march with his head held high and a big smile on his face. He loves other kids and being the center of attention. Reece crawls all over. He mastered crawling at about 10 months. He also started dancing sometime after 11 months. Whenever he hears music he starts to bob and sway.

The Pabst family has a trait where we like to stand on our toes, and Reece definitely has it. It's actually not great in the long run, but right now with Reece's chubby legs and feet it's very cute!

Reece loves to snack. He likes to hang out underneath his high chair in search of leftover food, usually right after mealtime. I don't think its because he's hungry, I think it's because he found that food all by himself, like a mountain man.

He likes to steal the other kids' sandwiches at the church playgroup we go too. He is a scavanger.

We are still working on sharing. Reece has no boundaries and Liam gets jealous easily. Liam doesn't get jealous about attention, mostly just bottles and toys. They are both big copy cats. Wherever one goes the other one follows and if one yells then the other yells.

The boys have been taking two naps a day and I am pretty good at keeping them on the same schedule. It's fun to listen to them fall asleep because most of the time they make sounds back and forth until they fall asleep. Then, when they wake up they do the same thing. I almost always find them playing with each other in the middle of both of their cribs like this.

The boys love taking baths together, but both Ryan and I end up drenched by the end. It's all worth it for the cuteness factor!

The boys love trucks, balls, and furry animals. We still love to read books. They love to turn the pages, and will flip very quickly through any pages that bore them. Their favorite books are the ones with photographs or things you can touch like fur. It's so cute to see Liam stick out one pointer finger and gently pet the soft animal fur in the book. Liam also uses that finger so swipe things on the ipad and iPhone. He figured that part out out on his own and very quickly.

The boys spend a lot of their day looking outside our windows, and luckily most of them are just the right height.

Babies love when daddy comes home!

The boys also love to play the piano.

Ten months was when the boys started to show their own sense of humor. This is also when they started to be more opinionated.


Miriam said...

These photos are simply precious. As Tess would say, your boys are "bee-lightful!"

Anonymous said...
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Marzipan said...

Ahhh world's most darling post! Loved the comment "it's been the longest and shortest year ever." That about sums it up!

Also loved the part about Reece finding his own food like a mountain man! This put such a smile on my face!