Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Fun Day!

Winter has been slow around here with the rain and cold (I know, you Idahoans are rolling your eyes) but now that it's warming up Ryan and I are trying to do something fun as a family every other Saturday. Last week we went to Happy Hallow park and zoo. It's a small zoo, but it also has a bunch of kiddy rides and a petting zoo. I got a season pass so I can take the boys to play there during the week.

Liam and Reece love riding on daddy shoulders.

 Liam checking out the bees... this might be my favorite part of the park. It's a big fenced area with  beehive boxes in the corner. Not sure what you're supposed to see...

Liam making meerkat friends!

 Reece making a pony enemy.

 This goat's no dummy. He hangs out by the food machine all day.

Loved the carousel. Reece got this cool seahorse and Liam got a tough looking rhino.

The boys were enamored with all the music and light and movement on the carousel. 

Afterword we went to "Banana Crepe" since I've been craving crepes lately. Really it's all about the Nutella. The crepe is just the best way to transport it into my mouth.


Miriam said...

Too stinkin cute. How is it that I can tell Ryan wrote this post?

Dipsy said...

I want to see the boys at the zoo! Can we go in May?